The Issues

Protecting Liberty

Vicky supports the individual liberties guaranteed in the Bill of Rights because freedom is the foundation for greater opportunities and achievements. Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness are rights endowed on all Americans. Vicky is a staunch supporter of our First Amendment religious liberties and works hard to defend this freedom, leading amicus briefs and holding leadership on the House Values Action Team (VAT).

Government Overreach

Vicky agrees with Thomas Jefferson:“The best government is that which governs least.” Vicky has been on the front lines fighting government overreach. As our representative in Congress she has been a leader. She introduced legislation to allow flexibility in our local schools on what is served in our children’s lunches. Vicky will continue to fight to get government out of our lives and to start serving the people rather than trying to force people to serve the government!

American Veterans

Vicky introduced several key pieces of legislation designed to protect those who have served, and currently serve, our great country.

The Veterans Health Association (VHA) Hiring Enhancement Act gives the VHA flexibility to make contingent appointments and sets requirements for certain VHA physicians to complete residency training. This Bill shortens wait times and cuts red tape so veterans can get the medical appointments they need in a timely manner. It also increases the knowledge base of many of the physicians treating the complex issues facing those who serve.

The Emergency Transportation Act is a piece of Bipartisan legislation that allows the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) to reimburse certain veterans for ambulance transportation required during medical Treatment. The bill repairs a loophole that often led to veterans and community health providers being liable for costly transfers to a VA hospital.

The Bipartisan Veterans' Preference Parity Act allows more Reserve, National Guard, and retired service members to receive preference when competing for federal jobs.


Vicky supports the individual liberties guaranteed in the Bill of Rights because freedom is the foundation for greater opportunities and achievements. Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness are rights endowed on all Americans, born and unborn. Vicky is 100% pro-life. Vicky is 100% pro-life and is sponsoring multiple bills in defense of this. The bill to Defund Planned Parenthood and another bill, No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act, which would stop all government funding of abortions.

Health Care

Vicky believes in affordable healthcare everyone can access that protects pre-existing conditions. This belief led her to co-sponsor the American Health Care Act with the Republican Study Committee’s (RSC) alternative compared to the Obamacare replacement.

Vicky supported the Childhood Cancer Survivorship, Treatment, Access, and Research Act, which became law in June 2018. It is the most comprehensive childhood cancer bill ever passed by Congress. The Childhood Cancer Act increased the National Institutes of Health’s ability to research childhood cancer and enhances states’ ability to track childhood cancer. It also helps survivors suffering from secondary side effects from their initial fight with cancer. She is also working closely with Chris Smith on the Lyme’s Disease Caucus co-sponsoring his bill to set up a national task force to go after this epidemic and working with local groups and constituents on this objective.

Vicky also co-sponsored the Right to Try Act. This Act empowers patients by allowing them the freedom to seek out cures for life threatening diseases. The Right to Try Act allows terminally ill patients, who have exhausted all treatment options, access to drugs that have passed the preliminary human-testing phase but are still being evaluated by the FDA.

2nd Amendment

Vicky is a staunch supporter of our Second Amendment. She reintroduced the Police Officers Protecting Children Act which allows off-duty and retired law-enforcement officers to carry a concealed firearm while in a school zone if a local school passes a policy allowing it to be an added layer of security for schoolchildren, especially in rural areas. Vicky also supported the Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act that amends the federal criminal code to allow a qualified individual to carry a concealed handgun in another state that allows individuals to possess firearms. Vicky also co-sponsored the Veteran’s Heritage Firearms Act.


Vicky understands the importance of agriculture in our community. She has ensured the passage of the Farm Bill twice, once in 2014 and again in 2018, that supports our farmers, ranchers, rural communities, and families in need of nutrition assistance. Vicky has three provisions on the 2018 Farm Bill that became law including; ensuring rural broadband speeds are adequate in the future (25 mbs download and 3 mbs upload) and expanding the rural broadband loans to also allow loan guarantees to expand the amount of capital that may be available to expand rural broadband; expanding the Community Facilities Grant program to include communities between the population of 25,000 and 50,000 and the CRP Grazing Flexibility Act which allows cattle to be grazed on CRP land mid-contract.


Vicky stands for legal immigration and welcomes new individuals to come to our country who want to contribute to our society, adhere to our laws, and embrace our ideals. In addition, she believes we need to secure the borders to stop the drug cartels and ensure our citizens are safe. We need a fair system that rewards those who follow the law and come here legally and major reforms to our immigration system laws including increasing the number of people who can come here legally on a merit basis but ensuring criminals are not allowed in. Vicky has supported two comprehensive bills last year in the House that, unfortunately, did not pass.